Festival History

As long and winding a history an instrument like the organ has, the unique festival in this part of the world is only a relatively new thing to occur.

The first festival took place in the winter of 2014 and was seen as a celebration of not just the organ but of Malta’s rich cultural heritage.

The second festival was something of an anniversary as we marked 450 years of the Great Siege of Malta in 1565. This is often seen as the dawn of modern life in the country and the start of rapid urban increase, with many of the locations performances take place in for the festival built around this time.

Some of the headlining performers included:

  • john aquilina
  • dion  buhagiar
  • gianluca  libertucci
  • irina rozanova
  • wayne marshall
  • andres uibo
  • diego cannizzaro
  • vladimir shliapnikov
  • erwin  wiersinga
  • joseph caruana

A large part of the success of the festival’s is thanks to the hard work of volunteers helping to bring some notice to the instruments and the role they’ve played in making life in Malta what it is today.