More About Malta

For most of our guests during the festival, this will be there fist time visiting Malta. While we argue that it is the true gem in the Mediterranean, many people don’t know what to expect from a holiday in the area. This page is here to help you learn more about Malta.

Firstly, its important to know what we say and how to pay for things. The official language is Maltese, although many people do speak English too. We use the Euro as our currency.

In most cases, you’ll only ever need to pack a light jacket and jumper in your luggage when coming here any time of year. We are very lucky to have a sub-tropical climate year round. This means that are average low temperatures in winter are around 10°C, while in the autumn during the festival daily temperatures can still get as high as 25°C. There is always a slight chance of rain in the colder months, although the yearly average rainfall is only 2 inches. None of the venues for the festival are outside so you don’t have to worry about catching a performance in the rain.

Getting around our island is easy. We have a very compact public and private transport system. You’ll often see dedicated stands of white taxis in the main squares of different town. This is the easiest way to get about, especially if you’re travelling “inland” as we say to towns like Balzan and Mdina. For those travelling across the water to Ta Pinu, the Grand Hotel Gozo is a 4 Star hotel that many of the performers also stay at. It is right beside the ferry terminal connecting the two islands.

The most important piece of advice for travellers to this part of the world is simply to enjoy it. We have a very laid back way of living here in Malta and getting the chance to embrace it is something that shouldn’t be missed. It helps too that we have some of the best wine in the Mediterranean.