Organs In Malta

Malta has a rich history with the organ. Organs are dotted around the island, mainly in churches. With an intrinsic link to religion, the instrument has remained in high regard as one of power and respect. We take care of our organs here. That’s why we now have an annual festival celebrating this fact. The 2nd festival recently took place and was a great success.

The organ has always had a reputation of being an “out of sight, out of mind” attraction in many of our churches, commonly hidden away to the side of the altar where it can struggle to take centre stage. Many pipe organs in our churches are from the 18th century. While many now have fallen in a slight state of disrepair, there are a few that luckily have been preserved and are used as part of the festival. This is in large part down to the great work done by┬áRobert Buhagiar, a resident of the island who just so happens to be a engineer specialising in organ repair. The last few decades have seen many organs come back from a state of disrepair thanks to his hard work and the generous donations from the public along with donations from private companies.

Here is a map of the main organs in Malta that still work at the main venues of the festival:

You can see here some of the main locations in Gozo too. If you don’t know, Gozo is the smaller neighbouring island to the north.

If you think there are any important locations we’ve missed out on the map, please get in touch so we can update accordingly.